Towing Slings

Towing Slings

Royal packaging- One of the Best and Popular Towing Slings Manufacturers in India

ROYAL offer towing slings in both Webbing and Round Sling format with towing capacities upto slings are suitable for the towing/ recovery of diggers, trucks in snow, mud. sand .ditches etc. Suitable for any debogging application as they are made from either polyester webbing with sewn 50Ton MBS. Our towing eyes or a> a lightweight round sling. Each *Ung is available with a webbing or Tubular protective cover in the middle, Polyester eyes. It quickly attaches to a vehicle using either a shackle or has a sewn in hook each end.

  • Promotes safety
  • No dangerous hooks or metal parts
  • Absorbs die energy of sudden loading
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Lightweight, flexible, easy to use and store.
  • Do not use a damaged or defective strap
  • Do not tie knots in strap Always protect straps from being cut by corners
  • Do not attach to bumpers and hot exhaust systems
  • Avoid dragging the sling along the ground

The strap will be permanently damaged if exposed to temperatures in excess of
Inspection Criteria for slings - inspect before each using and remove from service if any of (he following are visible:

  • Cuts on the face or edge of webbing
  • Holes, tears, snags or crushed web
  • Signs of excessive abrasive wear edges
  • Broken or worn threads in the stitch patterns
  • Any other visible damage which will cause the sling to loose its strength.
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