Polyster Round Slings

Polyster Round Slings

Polyester Round Slings

Round Slings are made with Multiple High tenacity polyester yarns covered in a jacket. Polyester Round Slings are made with Polyester yarns and a seamless double Polyester. Round Slings have a high strength to weight ratio, which proxides an extremely flexible and light weight lifting sling with low elongation. Our Super Slingers an a High Performance round sling available with Dvneema high performance yarns or EH P (Engineered Hybrid Power) high performance yarns. Covers for Super Slingers are available in Nylon Double seamless cover or Dyneema cover.

Types of Polyester Round Slings

A round sling in an endless design is simply one large “endless” loop. A benefit of an endless round sling design is that the wear points can be adjusted with each use, to extend the working life of the sling.

Eye & Eye

Eye & eye lift slings are created by attaching a wear pad to both sides of the sling, to create loop eyes on each end.

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