Simplex Webbing Slings

Simplex Webbing Slings Simplex Webbing Slings

Simplex Webbing Slings

Simplex webbing slings are made from high tenacity polyester webbing. Simplex slings are manufactured from single thickness webbing, either terminated in a metal end fitting or more popularly, sewn back upon themselves with a high tenacity polyester fabric to form a reinforced eye, which provides greater durability than the traditional leather eye. The webbing is stitched close to the eyes which are 9″ long bearing to bearing.

  • 100% High Tenacity Polyester.
  • Made of Single thickness of Webbing.
  • Flat & Wide Load Bearing surface.
  • According to EN 1492-1:2000 or
  • ASME B 30.9.
  • Safety Factor 7:1 and 5:1.
  • Low Elongation 3-7%.
  • High strength to weight ratio.
  • Available upto 300 mm width & 6 Ton Capacity.
  • Colour coded for easy identification.
  • Maximum working temperature 90°c.
  • Anti-abrasion sleeves and anti-cutting sleeves protection (optional).
Simplex Webbing Slings

Features of simplex webbing Slings

  • Available in flat webbing type and endless type with safety factor 7:1/5:1
  • Broad & flat load bearing surface for better grip over smooth & fragile loads
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Best to lift Smooth, Polished and Coated Loads